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More Profitable

Pronunciation: prof-it-a-ble


1. Yielding profit; remunerative: a profitable deal.

2. Beneficial or useful: he’d had a profitable day.

Every business needs to be profitable in order to achieve its goals and deliver the outcomes the stakeholders require.

The most successful businesses know what it takes for them to achieve their target profits and are working on their critical success factors each day to achieve even more.

Profitable means many things and different things to different people. Communication of this across your business allows you to focus and improve the performance bit by bit. What you can measure, you can manage.

It’s vital to know your “numbers”. Do you know how many customers you have?  The average value of each sale? The number of times or number of products/services that your clients buy from you?

Whilst your business may be profitable, many businesses don’t really know how much more profitable they could be. That’s where we can help – to assess and optimise the profitability in segments, individual product and service lines, customers or locations.

A 1% change in each of these areas will mean a huge difference to the bottom line of most businesses.

Is your business maximizing its profits in each area?