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  Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register. IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR 31 JANUARY  A transitional period concerning the Personal Property Securities Register ends on 31 January 2014, are you ready?   DO YOU NEED TO ACT Firstly, what is the Personal Property Securities (PPS) Register Click the link below to read more:
 width= International Women’s Day Booklet A beautiful and inspirational booklet showcasing some fantastic examples and stories of women making an awesome contribution internationally.
 width= The Business Implications for Social Media To be in Social Media or not? That is not really the question – the real question is how to integrate Social Media as part of your Marketing Strategy?
 width= National Register for Business Names A new national business name register will replace all current state based registers in mid 2012. The actual timing is only subject to each state and territory passing respective legislation before then.
 width= How to avoid paying 66% tax on your Child’s bank interest! Any parent or grandparent would be horrified to find that the interest earned by their under 18 year old child or grandchild, could be taxed at 66%.
It doesn’t stop at interest, but also includes dividends and trust distributions. With the December 2011 quarter trust distributions and the typical 6 monthly dividend due to be paid very soon, it’s time to review your child’s income for this financial year now.
To collect or not to collect with your Self Managed Super Fund? Amendments have been made to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations to specify the rules that prevent SMSF trustees from gaining current day benefit from an investment in collectables and personal use assets. This is to ensure that such investments are made for genuine retirement income purposes …
It’s the little things that can make a lot of difference to your Self Managed Super Fund! Important housekeeping that has powerful consequences for trustees and members. There are a number of keys aspects of operating a Self Managed Super Fund that are easily overlooked. We profile just a few which you should consider and then discuss with your advisor to make sure you have the matters fully covered.
Making the most of your Self Managed Super Fund. The little things that matter.
Most people have an understanding of the importance of accumulating monies for their retirement consistent with their goals, objectives and asset protection requirements.
Many have considered setting up or switching to a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) and need to better understand the costs, benefits and implications.
Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?: Persuading Customers When They Ignore Marketing
by Thomas Nelson
Comment: “I read this a couple of years back and am now re-reading it as so many of the marketing basics Bryan and Jeff speak about are still so relevant for opportunities that exist in on-line marketing and PR.”
Mind Maps for Business: Revolutionise Your Business Thinking and Practice
by Tony Buzan, James Harrison, Chris Griffiths
Comment: “For those who love to see a visual representation of what they or their team are doing or targetting- this a great book for you. The Thinking and Expressing of your vision and strategies using a mind map allows for greater buy-in or for the “penny to drop”. Give it a go – let the brainstorming and drawing begin! I am sure lots of little gems will pop out.”
Poke the Box
by Seth Godin
Comment: “Must read this … An easy read.
The big message is to have some courage, invest in & believe in yourself, START doing stuff and keep going.
Throw your fear of failure out the window and START doing the things that will make the most difference to your life or business.
Another Seth Godin “stimulation”.”
What Makes Us Tick?: The Ten Desires That Drive Us
by Hugh Mackay
Comment: “Thought provoking.
As I read the book I recognise the many desires that effect behaviors and actions and reflect on recent experiences which will allow me to better understand “human nature” in all its guises.”
by Jack Welch, Suzy Welch
Comment: “Loads of experiences from a guy who has lead one of the most influential companies of our time. A great read and an even better listen if you grab the CD collection.”
The Psychology of Selling: Increase Your Sales Faster and Easier Than You Ever Thought Possible
by Brian Tracy
Comment: “This book is one of the all time best selling classics – period.
Everyone who wants to improve their sales and relationship outcomes must read this book. There are many things you can take from it and Implement right now which will make a significant difference to many parts of your life. Certainly worth a re-read too or grab the cd collection to capture Brian’s”
The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness
by Stephen R. Covey
Comment: “A powerful and easy read. Motivation to be even more effective and strive for greatness always. There may not be a second chance- certainly not to make a first impression.”
The Facebook Effect: Publisher: Simon & Schuster
by David Kirkpatrick
Comment: “Interesting reading – Further confirms that ” it all starts with an idea…” that progressively developed with clear objectives from the founder and which has introduced a significant medium as to how we communicate locally and globally.
All in a relatively short space of time.”