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More Enjoyable

Pronunciation: en·joy·a·ble


1. Giving or capable of giving joy or pleasure: a very enjoyable film.
2. Having a great experience; or time: an enjoyable workplace.

Enjoyable I hear you say… as you smile. If your business is not enjoyable, how long can you maintain your enthusiasm and energy and performance? In the war for talent, capturing the hearts and minds of Gen Y and Gen X is a challenge – enjoying what they do is a big deal for them.

The best businesses in the world are focussed on creating a business where their board, team and clients can enjoy what they do, as well as achieve awesome levels of service and performance.

Top performance and enjoying what you do are not mutually exclusive – in fact they are closely linked.

We know of good businesses that are both profitable and valuable that are not really scoring well in the “enjoyable “department. Two out of three is not enough. The owners know they need balance as a priority creating a culture in their business which is enjoyable. This is the only sustainable position.

An environment where people are highly motivated to achieve the desired results and stay longer is a good thing. There are big savings on recruitment and induction costs and lead time to hit the desired performance to name just a few. Not to mention the impact on the morale of your organisation.

A business which values “enjoyable” has this embedded in their culture with the benefits translating to the bottom line. This adds to the value of the business as a going concern. All businesses want to maximise their options regarding exit or succession issues. Building an enjoyable business across a number of levels is a good investment that does pay rewards.

Can you honestly say that everyone in your business would say it was enjoyable?