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A fine balance to business confidence

A fine balance to business confidence

A fine balance to business confidence : MSI Global Feel Good Index

The first MSI Global Feel Good Index has been released. Global CEO James Mendelssohn explains that “The Global Feel Good Index provides a fascinating insight into the balance of confidence in 105 countries worldwide.”

Fluctuating markets, two-speed economies and fears of another recession are factors are affecting regional confidence. MSI Global talked with their professional partners about the perceptions of their regions to provide a quarterly reference to global and regional economic prospects.

The results have shown that the global indicator is finely balanced at +0.08. The markets in the Northern hemisphere are showing lowered market expectations (North America (+0.04); Western Europe (-0.02), US (-0.07), and United Kingdom (-0.23)). Our partners in developing economic regions are showing more positive results (Middle East (+0.33), Latin America (+0.27), and Southern Africa (+0.22)).

Australia and New Zealand are quite levelled in their confidence (+0.03) which is in stark contrast to Malaysia (+0.5), where spending on investment capital is noticeably higher.

The result of this index has shown that global confidence is low, especially in the developed economies of North America and Europe.  The IMF has suggested that major developed countries are likely to achieve 1.5 to 2 percent growth and emerging countries are expected to post a growth of 6 percent over the next year. This large gap in growth can be seen in the sentiments shared by the participants in the Global Feel Good Index. (view video here).

Original article was found on MSI Global

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